Charles CROS: French inventor and poet
Charles CROS (1842-1888)
French poet and eternal inventor, he was a man of great curiosity and imagination during his short life (1842-1888). He established the principals of the photographic reproduction of colours, telegraph technology, and sound reproduction.

The 18 April 1877, Charles Cros wrote a letter to the Académie des sciences with details of ‘a method to record and reproduce phenomena perceived by the ear’. It was the first time the world had heard of a description outlining a mechanical method to reproduce sound. On 30 April 1877, the Académie des sciences accepted a sealed cover under the reference 3109.

Unlike Thomas Alva Edison, Charles Cros was not well-known in industrial and scientific circles. He never had the financial means to make a prototype and market his invention known as the phonograph: voice of the past

He died in total destitution on the 9th August 1888.